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Founded in 2016, Ray Tours is a full-service travel management company based in Beijing. The founder Larry Ray has worked in the tourism industry for over 6 years and has a large number of tourism resources and experience.

Goals and objectives

    Our goal is to provide every customer with a memorable and unique experience. We truly care about each and every one of our guests and strive to give them ‘the time of our lives’. Everyone in our organization is committed to this belief and will not hesitate to go above and beyond to make sure each guest is having a wonderful experience. We take pride in the fact that many of our customers were referred by past customers or are repeat customers themselves.

Raytours's main goal is to provide a novel and unique travel experience to showcase Beijing's most spectacular places, attractions and events.

Our mission is to be known as the number one tour company in terms of:

•Outstanding services (before, during, after the tours);

•Quality of the tour;

•Delivering the Best Value

•Delivering a positive experience

•Showcasing the best of China 

Our vision is:

• loyalty to customers, customers and partners

• consistently provide high quality experience and reliability of relationships

• innovation in pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo

In past experience, we have become experts in creating and delivering quality services and unforgettable experiences at affordable prices. We now cater to tourists from all over the world through a variety of travel experiences. Breakdown is as follows:

1. Specialty Tours & FIT Travel

We offer a variety of professional Tours to showcase the unique landscapes of Beijing and its surrounding cities, including indigenous tourism, food tourism, cultural tourism, and field trips.

2. Custom Tours

In China's major tourist cities, we can also use our experience and close relationships with suppliers to create customer Tours. We can design travel routes in time to accommodate any budget, duration and experience. We provide customer service to all kinds of customers, including:

• pre-and post-meeting groups

• enterprise & incentive groups

3. Student/budget tours

Our full guide budget plan is developed specifically for the student market, but anyone can use it. These travel is best for those who like to meet people from all over the world, they are looking for unique and exciting adventure, they want to have fun in a cheap price and interactive experience, and find the best place in China.


We have 18 professional teams and 10 (5-24seats) cars available for hire.